Those three words

The Ginny Diaries

Chasing Cars. Do you know it? It reminds me of being in love. That nothing and no one else exists for you, the world melts away type love. It’s sacred. It’s reckless. You feel it with abandon, you burn bright with its anticipation and you revel in the touch of it’s reality. It is maddening. It tempers you. It grows on you. You forget you ever knew anything otherwise. And it’s not the falling that gets you, it’s the being of it that takes hold. You don’t just care about someone. It’s an every day, in and out calm insanity where your heart exists outside your body. You feel fragile yet strong, young and yet wise. It’s the experience of another and not the expectation of a fairytale. It’s embarking on the unknown, it’s the trials of the journey. It’s coming home. And… I’ve missed it.


xo. Ginny

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