Urban Jungle — The Rantaman

Just beautiful…   Watching down the urban jungle. St. Paul’s Cathedral in the background. via Urban Jungle — The Rantaman

Those three words

Originally posted on The Ginny Diaries:
Chasing Cars. Do you know it? It reminds me of being in love. That nothing and no one else exists for you, the world melts away type love. It’s sacred. It’s reckless. You feel it with abandon, you burn bright with its anticipation and you revel in the touch…

10 Ways I Slow Down Time

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My favorite movie of all time is Romeo and Juliet, the 1968 version with Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. I fell in love with this film after first reading the novel in my 5th grade reading class with Mr. Massa. We then…