Those three words

Originally posted on The Ginny Diaries:
Chasing Cars. Do you know it? It reminds me of being in love. That nothing and no one else exists for you, the world melts away type love. It’s sacred. It’s reckless. You feel it with abandon, you burn bright with its anticipation and you revel in the touch…

Living vs. Existing

I heard this question in a movie once: “Are you living, or are you existing?” To this day, I find it to be one of the most thought provoking questions I’ve heard. It’s good to take moments to evaluate how your life is going. You need to ask yourself constantly if you are truly living…

Food for Thought

We say we are in love, when in reality we are just existing in each other’s spaces waiting for the other to detach; when we know, neither one of us is brave enough to admit that love is more than existence. So do we love each other, or do we just exist with each other?