Who’s to Blame in the Cheating Game?

Let’s talk about this real quick:

I would have to agree with this statement. The only way a woman is going to know how far she can go, is if that man allows her to take it that far.  Sometimes, women get upset with other women when they find out their man has been cheating, and if you sit down and rationalize the situation, is it really ALL on them? I’d have to say no.  You have to check how your man behaves when he’s not around you. If he is conducting himself, telling people or even giving off the vibe to indicate that he is available to talk to other women, then how is an unsuspecting woman supposed to know the difference?  She would approach him as if he was a single woman, and if he responds that way, then that says a lot about the man you are with.

I’ve been cheated on before, and the only reason I had been upset with the other female, is because we were friends (or so I thought) at the time and she knew I was in a relationship with this person.  In a separate situation, I was mad only at my ex because he was conducting himself in a way that one would assume he was single.  It was not only a betrayal to me, but it also made me look stupid and I felt the ultimate level of disrespect.  I couldn’t really justify being upset at the female because, did she know about me? No.  Had we known each other before? No.  As much as I wanted to be mad at her, what could I base my anger off of, if he was the one misleading her into believing he was single?

So, to answer the question in the image, I go with TRUE!

Agree or disagree?