When I was younger, I dreamed of having a “perfect” marriages. A white dresses (which would have been […]

I saw an interesting Twitter conversation the other day, regarding married or involved couples, who have friends of the opposite sex.  It was something I definitely wanted to shed some light on and thought it would be an interesting for me to write about.  The question that arose was, is having friends of the opposite sex this appropriate or inappropriate while you are married/in a serious relationship?

I decided to tackle this from both sides of the coin and invite my husband to render his opinion on the matter and with his permission, post his answer to my blog.  I was very interested in getting his insight on the subject.

So, picture it:

You meet a guy (or girl), they sweep you off your feet.  They do the whole nine; buys you “just-because-it’s-Tuesday flowers, opens your door, pulls out your chair, cooks you fancy meals, lavish date nights, appearance is flawless, etc.  You get totally pampered and cherished while dating this person, and begin to become more and more exclusive with this person.  Weeks, months, years start to pass by and the relationship has truly blossomed into more than you ever imagined.

Then, all of a sudden….everything starts to slowly dwindle away.  The flowers are few and far between, you are pulling out your own chair for dinner, the fancy meals start to look more and more like take-out and date nights might happen on a full moon, but don’t count on it.

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I was listening to the radio one morning and an awesome topic was being discussed. I couldnt wait to get to my computer to post my two cents about it lol!

So, picture it.

You’re calling up your closest girlfriend or guy friend to hang out one night; nothing too fancy, just a night out with old friends.  It’s probably something that  isn’t as easy to do or a common event in your new adult life (what with having a full time job, bills and who knows how many other respinsibilites). Anywho, you are ready to hang out with your bestie and you are sure it will be the best night out in a while.  When your friend shows up, they bring their spouse along for the outing.  You know their spouse, but not well enough to let your hair down and let your true colors show.  So now, it’s gotten really awkward….

What do you do?!?!