A Cheat for a Cheat??

Advertisements **if you haven’t watched up to episode 6 of Greenleaf, I’ll possibly be spoiling.  Proceed with caution.** So, I was catching up on my Greenleaf episodes yesterday, and I saw a part of episode 6 (Good Morning, Calvary) that sparked some interesting thoughts that I wanted to share. Before I get started, let me set the stageContinue reading “A Cheat for a Cheat??”

Who’s to Blame in the Cheating Game?


Hall passes?!

Advertisements So, I have recently seen that Mo’Nique has stated that she has given her man a hall pass, and the floodgates have opened up! I was listening to Rickey Smiley this morning, while women were calling in giving their 2 cents as where they stand with giving their mate a hall pass.  I heardContinue reading “Hall passes?!”

So, You’re Boyfriend is your Husband, huh?

Advertisements So, I saw an article on my Facebook that I shared, because I just couldn’t believe what I read, that described a woman who was not getting any attention from her husband.  So, she listened to one of her friends, and made new social network pages, got a new phone and basically got herContinue reading “So, You’re Boyfriend is your Husband, huh?”

PSA: Being a Side Chick is NOT OK!

Advertisements This is a post I wrote on a previous blog last year that I wanted to share with you all.  Check out my other blog profile http://www.blogher.com/myprofile/wit-nee for more posts!! I have to ask this question….because throughout the last  2 years just about, I have been utterly perplexed at this “craze” amongst women…. WhatContinue reading “PSA: Being a Side Chick is NOT OK!”