Trust and Forgiveness. 

Advertisements Everyone has to battle with the concept of trust and forgiveness at some point of their lives with someone in their lives that they care strongly about.  Lately, I’ve been seeing these 2 things going hand-in-hand with each other, because without initially trusting someone, how can you really forgive them?  I feel that onContinue reading “Trust and Forgiveness. “

Some Truth About Marriage 

Advertisements Sometimes I want to try and find the right words to say to y’all to discuss marriage. This wonderful post has taken the words right out of my mouth:

Who’s to Blame in the Cheating Game?


A Woman Freed

Advertisements I will not let myself believe that I was less of a woman for you. I’d rather believe that you weren’t man enough to handle my magic. You couldnt comprehend the language my hips spoke or how my tongue cracked your ignorance like a whip. I was too much woman for you, so youContinue reading “A Woman Freed”

The Other Woman’s Story

Advertisements I lay next to you in bed and I realize that our relationship is the rawest love story never told.