The Importace of “Adult Time”

I recently spent New Years’ with some of my close friends, ina cabin up in north Georgia. I had an exciting time and it was just my husband and I needed for the end of a great year and to begin a new one.  While I was spending time with my friends, I realized how awesome it was just to have time alone with my husband, because it made me realize how much of our time we prioritize with our daughter.

I am by no means saying that is a bad thing because this is what we wanted; we wanted to have children and I would never regret her.  With that being said, I think every set of awesome parents (because I would be lying if I didn’t say we weren’t pretty cool parents) wishes every now and then they had some child-free fun for old times’ sake.

We spent 3 nights and 4 days away from our little princess, and I will admit the time away from parenthood was pretty refreshing.  I got to sleep late (Hallelujah), have a drink in the middle of the afternoon if I wanted, have adult conversation with fellow adults and not a single cartoon was watched all weekend.  I must say, it was great, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t miss my little goober.  Despite her being the most rambunctious toddler I’ve ever met, she is truly the funniest little character I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.  No matter how tired she might make us, she can make you laugh in the same breath.  There were a couple of occasions where my husband and I were missing her, and telling each other how much fun she would have had on the trip with us.  I even called her a few times, because I just couldn’t bear not hearing her voice at least once a day.  Once the trip was over, it was definitely bitter sweet to know our child-free weekend had come to an end, but nothing made me happier knowing I was going to be reunited with my little girl.

I say all this to remind parents out there that sometimes, adult time is NEEDED, and highly recommended in my opinion.  Parents tend to be so caught up in potty time, cartoons, and toddler-talk that sometimes you can forget what it’s like to be around people your age, LOL. Even if it’s for a matter of hours, I think that parents should get a free pass to be adults at least one weekend out of the month.  I believe it keeps the balance of sanity.  So, if you ever get that golden opportunity that someone has agreed to watch your little one while you go on a trip that has the “no kids allowed” sticker on it, take it and don’t feel guilty, because you deserve it!

Salute to all the parents out there!


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  1. mandanicoleshakes says:

    Amen! Love this post!

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