My Heart Breaks for Savannah

This has really been something that has stuck with me in the past couple weeks. I recently found out about a domestic dispute that resulted in a murder-suicide in Savannah, Ga.  The young lady who was killed was only 19 years old and had a child. It was heartbreaking to read.

Lately, it seems that most mornings that I turn on the news, I discover that there was yet another shooting, that sometimes results in death in Savannah the night before.  It seems that as the world is seeking justice for the unjustified shootings from law enforcement, this southeast Georgia city is battling an epidemic of shooting deaths that do not involve law enforcement.

I found an article that stated that in this year there have been about 270 shootings investigated, which is about 100 more than there were last year.  There have also been 54 murders to date.

The article goes on to discuss that of the 54 homicides, only 5 were justifiable and since Nov 1 alone, there have been 10 homicides.

The incidents range from domestic disputes, disputes between acquaintances, drug-related incident, and even one between strangers, undetermined motives and an accidental shooting.

It is sad to see that this city is becoming more and more dangerous by the day.  No one knows why there is such a serge in crime, but it’s clear that no one knows if things will get better or continue to spiral down the road to destruction.  Throughout the news, I also notice that most of these shootings are against  our own; African Americans are shooting and killing our own race.

Despite all the movements and activism surrounding us, in the attempts to unite the race and fight against the injustice we face amongst non-people of color and the unjustified murders and incidents happening on almost a daily basis, we still have an ongoing and painfully obvious epidemic of black-on-black killings that are becoming just as serious and concerning as the unjustified killings and the continued racial tension.

At this point, the only question to ask is “when will it all end?”….the answer is still unknown.  As I continue to shed tears and pray for the city of Savannah, and all the other cities in America and around the world that are experiencing such tragedies, the only thing left to do is hope and pray things change.


Image: Blogos