The Beginning of a Powerful Movement in Black History

Black History Month is now among us, and as we use this month to commemorate powerful leaders and trailblazers amongst the African American race, I believe this should also be a time to pay tribute to those who unfortunately lost their lives to unjustified crimes, and the power and strength of a community to grow a movement that rose from those tragedies.

The month of February also signifies Trayvon Martin’s birth, and even sadly, his death. He would have celebrated his 24th birthday today; however, unfortunately, his life was snatched away from him only shortly after his 17th birthday. The tragedy of Trayvon’s death also marks the beginning of one of the most powerful movements for Black Americans. Black Lives Matter became a powerful and earth-shattering force, because of such utter disregard for such an innocent Black life taken from this world so soon, simply because his appearance was perceived to be a “threat” and “suspicious”.

On February 26, the world was rocked by the news that Trayvon, an unarmed 17-year old child, was shot and killed because one man single man called the police on him for being what he assumed to be suspicious. Even after George Zimmerman was told NOT to follow him, he disobeyed and felt that he had to be responsible for an unnecessary “consequence” for Trayvon. He was doing absolutely nothing wrong, and what is painful is to know that no one on this earth expects to be so innocently living life, just for it to be taken away from you in a second.

In an even more outrageous occurrence, Zimmerman was acquitted of charges of second degree murder, based on what the jury felt was self-defense. It was because of this ruling, Black Lives Matter was created by three amazing women; Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors. This organization was formed to take on a fight against institutionalized racism and police brutality against black people.

Sadly, since Trayvon’s death, there have been other tragic events to occur in the Black community, all riddled with the same questions, mainly beginning with “why?”

Why are people who are doing absolutely nothing to lose “threat or fear” being killed, and officers using that lie to justify their actions? Why is it that families of these victims constantly let down by a justice system that does not see blatant crimes being committed?

Unfortunately, Trayvon’s untimely passing was truly an unnecessary and jarring tragedy; however, it has created such a response from communities that have now shed a gleaming light on injustice everywhere, and brought the African American community together to take a stand against what would become a widespread and unfortunate epidemic on the Black community.

Even nearly 7 years later, the circumstances surrounding Trayvon’s murder and other murders since are still haunting and even give some pause to doing things that felt like normal innocent behavior in the past. Walking down your neighborhood street becomes a hesitant decision, wearing a hoodie may cause sideways glances, seeing a police officer behind you makes you wonder if they will notice the color of your skin as a reason to pull you over. It’s like living your life walking on eggshells; not knowing whether your presence alone is causing someone “fear for their life.” This is our reality, and on most days some of our biggest and most pressing fears; to be misjudged, falsely accused, and paying an unnecessary price for the color of our skin.

In this month, it is important to reflect on history; and in order to do that, we cannot forget the movement that was sparked and ignited due to this unfortunate situation.

Happy Birthday, Trayvon. We will continue to strive for the justice you deserved.



A Loss for Words…


If you haven’t been noticing the recent antics of our current “leader” (please be advised I use that term loosely), you must be either just choosing to disengage (which how could I blame you), choosing to see his behavior as acceptable or living under a rock.

I’m not making this post to be specifically political about a specific topic, or spark a debate about his Russian ties, his disrespect to other races, genders or anything of that nature; although I have an opinion about each. I just merely am ashamed. I recently posted about my thoughts around the injustices felt across the country when we encounter unjust shootings of innocent men and women at the hands of law enforcement. My exhaustion extends from that, to the current mentality and behavior of Trump.

Sometimes, it’s not even about his blatant White-supremacist behavior, or his degradation of women or other cultures or races; most times for me it’s just the lack of common sense, or the fact that I’m truly shocked at the lack of care he has for humans in general; because at the end of the day, we are all humans, no matter what the ethnicity or race. There are times I see tweets or comments about something he has said and it makes me ashamed to even acknowledge him as the President.

With the recent uproar about the NFL, Stephen Curry and the Warriors being disinvited to the White House and several other irrelevant items that occurred last week, I sat back and watched Twitter (mainly through comments because I refuse to follow him) and asked myself “why is he not dealing with more pressing business?!” It just utterly disgusted me that he could not pay more attention to things more closely related to his job duties and responsibilities as opposed to ranting about an NFL protest for 2-3 days.

I constantly wish that people will see that his days need to be numbered in the position he is in.  I am shocked at how many people condone his behavior, and it is a telling sign as to what people’s true mentality is for the world and the human race.  I try to stay as involved with what’s going on as much as possible, but I also try to keep as much distance from his rhetoric as possible, because I find it ignorant, rude, disrespectful and downright idiotic at times.

I didn’t want this post to be long, or some educational post with facts or numbers or anything; after last week’s shenanigans, I just wanted to put my thoughts out there about the things I have seen, heard and witnessed throughout the news and social media.  I’ve even seen some people regret their decisions for voting for him, but I wonder will that make a difference?  Will that evoke a change?  Have enough people seen the error in their ways to understand that this man does not need to hold office longer than four years?  I hope we can continue to get through this administration, and I hope this has made a vast impact on communities, minority and majority; because in my opinion, any and everyone seems to be effected in some way by #45’s time in office.

My Heart Breaks for Savannah

This has really been something that has stuck with me in the past couple weeks. I recently found out about a domestic dispute that resulted in a murder-suicide in Savannah, Ga.  The young lady who was killed was only 19 years old and had a child. It was heartbreaking to read.

Lately, it seems that most mornings that I turn on the news, I discover that there was yet another shooting, that sometimes results in death in Savannah the night before.  It seems that as the world is seeking justice for the unjustified shootings from law enforcement, this southeast Georgia city is battling an epidemic of shooting deaths that do not involve law enforcement.

I found an article that stated that in this year there have been about 270 shootings investigated, which is about 100 more than there were last year.  There have also been 54 murders to date.

The article goes on to discuss that of the 54 homicides, only 5 were justifiable and since Nov 1 alone, there have been 10 homicides.

The incidents range from domestic disputes, disputes between acquaintances, drug-related incident, and even one between strangers, undetermined motives and an accidental shooting.

It is sad to see that this city is becoming more and more dangerous by the day.  No one knows why there is such a serge in crime, but it’s clear that no one knows if things will get better or continue to spiral down the road to destruction.  Throughout the news, I also notice that most of these shootings are against  our own; African Americans are shooting and killing our own race.

Despite all the movements and activism surrounding us, in the attempts to unite the race and fight against the injustice we face amongst non-people of color and the unjustified murders and incidents happening on almost a daily basis, we still have an ongoing and painfully obvious epidemic of black-on-black killings that are becoming just as serious and concerning as the unjustified killings and the continued racial tension.

At this point, the only question to ask is “when will it all end?”….the answer is still unknown.  As I continue to shed tears and pray for the city of Savannah, and all the other cities in America and around the world that are experiencing such tragedies, the only thing left to do is hope and pray things change.


Image: Blogos

Silently Suffering…..

I haven’t read in full detail the situation that occurred in Charleston, SC.  I don’t believe I really will. Even at this very moment, as I speak about it, I get sick. I also get nervous, fearful, afraid, angry, upset, pissed off, numb.

I never thought I would have to live in fear, but everyday I do.  In 2015, all I have left is fear.  At first, we had to just protect our young Black men; hell, now, every Black person is a target.  There is not special type, no specific targets anymore, NO ONE IS SAFE!

I am literally sitting in my desk wondering if I even want to go to the store, because who is to say that a terrorist isn’t sitting in Wal-Mart right now, waiting to shoot it up?  Or someone is in the parking lot waiting to peg someone for just being black and looking “dangerous”. These days I feel like I could do so much as pull my phone out of my back pocket and get shot down like a dog.  It is extreme to think this way, but hell it would be irrational to not think that things like this are possible, because they are happening  almost every damn day!

I feel like I have so much I want to say, but yet cannot find the words to describe the pain and fear in my soul right now.  I just don’t know what it is going to take.  I know you can’t change people, I just….

I have no words.  I truly don’t feel like there is room for Black people in this world.

We aren’t ever going to be free, as long as there is racial injustice.  We are just slaves to that as well.