We’re Tired of Companies That Always “Get it Wrong”

Advertisements There are really no words to describe the outrage that appeared in social media when this picture showed up “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” is what the hoodie says. Well alright. My first reaction to the hoodie was, “well, that was HORRIBLY executed and offensive as hell.” I also knew that there wasContinue reading “We’re Tired of Companies That Always “Get it Wrong””

A True Love at First Sight

Advertisements I always dreamed that when I had gotten to the point in my life when I would have children, I envisioned having boys.  I didn’t particularly have anything against girls, but since I was a tomboy my entire life (and truthfully I still am), I felt like I was meant to have boys, insteadContinue reading “A True Love at First Sight”

My Child Amazes Me!

Advertisements Sometimes, I can’t help but be in complete awe of my child.  She truly is an amazing little toddler!

Blogging 201, Day 2: Kindred love: an Ode to Kynnedy ( the Acrostic)

Advertisements Kindred love, Your existence means more than words can say, No ways to define the joy you bring to my heart, Never will our bond break under the pillars of life’s struggles, Everlasting, unconditional love is what I promise to you, Dear sweet child of mine, You are my kindred love, forever and always.Continue reading “Blogging 201, Day 2: Kindred love: an Ode to Kynnedy ( the Acrostic)”