#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: What do Your Locs do for You? 

I’ve been watching some loc videos and getting lots of wisdom and encouragement and came across this question: What do your locs do for you?  I decided to give my answer a try lol.

When I first started my locs, I did not have a very significant story behind them, or specific goal I wanted to achieve with them.  I knew that I had reached my point with my natural hair, and was looking for something new.  I had wanted locs for years, but never had the courage to take the step.  When I decided to grow my locs, I felt like I was becoming someone new.  I have become a more confident person. My locs personally represent my strength and self-confidence. Without these things I wouldn’t have made the choice to get locs; I would have continued to base my decision off of stereotypes and societal views on my choice to wear my hair.

When I started growing my locs, I began to feel the connection to the community of people who have locs.  When I see other loc wearers in my city (some new and some old), I smile because it reminds me that I am not in this alone. I have someone here on my side who understands what I am going through and has been on this same journey.  That person also has a lot of wisdom, and it is important to gain wisdom from those who came before you or even those who are new to this journey.  Everyone has something to give to someone else.  People are our most valuable resource.

I have been blessed enough to be someone who has not suffered negatively because of my locs; I still have my job, My friends and family accept them and me, I have not experienced any societal backlash from my choice.  I know there are other men and women in this world who have experienced these things and it makes me upset.  As a race, we have to bare the brunt of a lot of different things based on the color of our skin, our appearance and our culture.  I always ask myself, when will the madness end?, but I feel that that is a question I may never get an answer to.  I know through it all, we find ways to stay strong, keep our faith, pray for each other, no matter what negativity surrounds us.

So, to sum up what my locs do for me; they give me confidence, they build strength, they embrace positivity, love and encouragement, they build a connection between people, and they give me peace.