A Little History Lesson on Vacation

Advertisements I had the pleasure of visiting the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum last weekend in Kansas City.  Here are a few highlights of the visit (I had to sneak these pics because I saw a sign that said no cameras lol!) 

Have You Played with Fire Lately?

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If you Didn’t Know Jesse Williams Was Woke, Now you Know.

Advertisements If you were watching the BET Awards last night, then you know that Jesse Williams was given the 2016 BET Humanitarian Award.  If you watched further, you would have heard this young gentleman render a powerful and thought-provoking speech.  I was listening to him, and I immediately got engrossed in what he was saying;Continue reading “If you Didn’t Know Jesse Williams Was Woke, Now you Know.”

#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: Just Because

Advertisements Because y’all haven’t seen the amazing-ness that is this hair in a while. I love my hair most when it has more of the burgundy-copper-ish color to it. And this hang time is getting ridiculous. I’m loving every second of this journey, y’all just don’t know!

Throwback Reading

Advertisements Sometimes you have to take it back to one of the first books you ever read. One of the books that made you love reading in the first place. The first book that had you fall in love with genre. I’m going back through this journey with Winter Santiaga.

I’m Black, But I’m Not….

Advertisements Saw this video done by BuzzFeed that we shared on my Facebook and I wanted to make my own “I’m Black, but I’m not…” statement: I’m Black, but I’m not….. Ashamed of my skin. Or From the projects. In poverty. On food stamps. A weed smoker because I have dreads. Afraid of my “pro-blackness”. AContinue reading “I’m Black, But I’m Not….”

Let’s Talk About Stacey for a Minute….

Advertisements SO!, By now, I’m sure the majority of the world has now seen or heard of the statement that was made by Stacey Dash yesterday, and my good friends of social media and #BlackTwitter took no time or hesitation in issuing her several reads and set #Clapback2016 into full force (as I knew theyContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Stacey for a Minute….”

Why Does it Matter What I Watch on TV?

Advertisements I read an article recently, like many others I have read that highlight all the negative reasons why people shouldn’t watch reality TV and things like Scandal, Being Mary Jane, Empire, How to Get Away with Murder, etc.  On one end, it highlights that people of color are making waves in television, starring inContinue reading “Why Does it Matter What I Watch on TV?”