I recently listened to a powerful message regarding forgiveness and it made me reflect on my feelings towards […]

So, I stumbled upon a challenge that I decided to try, in an effort to keep my love for writing alive and continue to improve on it at least on a weekly basis.  The challenge is called #52essays2017, which means I will be writing an essay a week about myself and all of the fun things that happen (or the fun things that don’t happen, because I can get really boring sometimes).  Let’s consider it an overall recap of the week, which should prove to be interesting; and given this last week was quite an interesting one, I have a lot to say.

So, let’s get to it….

The closer I get to finishing my book, the more and more I think of publishing, and the more and more I think about the many times I told myself I would publish my poetry.  I have sang this tune to myself many times, and still I have not completed that task.

It is a task that I will need to complete, because part of my literary goal is to have a book of poetry that I created, autographed and sitting on my bookshelf.  As my poetry, dating back to circa 2006-2007, sits in a binder in a nightstand drawer, I decided this weekend that I need to start getting that put in a more permanent form.