What is Poetry? My Own Little Personal Essay

Advertisements The closer I get to finishing my book, the more and more I think of publishing, and the more and more I think about the many times I told myself I would publish my poetry.  I have sang this tune to myself many times, and still I have not completed that task. It isContinue reading “What is Poetry? My Own Little Personal Essay”

What’s Your Definition?

Advertisements Everyone has something that defines them.  It’s usually in their introduction of themselves. It’s the one thing they take pride in, that thing they want you to know more than anything else they talk about. Most times, that is all they talk about.  Other times, you see it shine through them naturally. I firmlyContinue reading “What’s Your Definition?”

Attention Audience! Listen to Me! :)

Advertisements So, day 4 is the day I write to a specific audience, or write something that I would want my audience to read. So, I am going to try to catch the attention of someone, or everyone. Whichever comes first. I decided to discuss a quote today.  It’s something I usually don’t do.  IContinue reading “Attention Audience! Listen to Me! :)”