Day Two: What’s up with my Tagline and Title?


Day 2’s activity of the Blogging101 course is creating a title and tagline.  Since I have had my blog for a couple months now, I just wanted to talk about why I chose my title and tagline and where it comes from.

First, I will not give myself much credit, as the title and tagline of my blog are pretty generic.  It’s not as catchy as others I have seen, or as attention-grabbing, but I feel it describes me, which is what I want my blog to represent.  My title is my name, Whit C., and my tagline says “Through the Eyes of Me“.  I have always loved writing from my perspective and writing about how I feel about things on a personal level.

I feel like my tagline gives you exactly what to expect from my blog.  There will be several posts, stories, poetry, etc. and all from my point of view.  I feel like writing from my own perspective is the only way I know how to be authentic.  I want my blogging to represent myself the best way I know how.  I feel no need to sugarcoat or be cautious of one’s feelings.  A lot of my posts are 100% my opinion, so whoever does not like it, will just have to choose not to read my blog.

Being real is something I take seriously.  I would feel like I was doing the world a disservice, if I created a blog that wasn’t honest and relatable to people in my similar position.  I hope that I reach an audience that appreciates the honesty and the level of transparency I will express in my writing.  I am here strictly to give opinions and be honest.

If you have a moment, take the time out to take a look at life “through the eyes of me“.

3 thoughts on “Day Two: What’s up with my Tagline and Title?

  1. Hi Whitney,

    Enjoyed reading about you and your love for writing. Looking forward to your insights. Tim

  2. Interesting writing. Also could you tell me how did you make your post appear in the reader as I am unable to do it. Thanks

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