Congrats to 10,000!

Advertisements I never thought I’d have a blog with 10,000 views. It took a while, and I may not be the biggest and best, but I’m making my way. Here’s to double that amount!

Dealing with Guilt

Advertisements I’ve felt horribly guilty for neglecting my blog as of late.  There has been so much going on, that I don’t even know where to start in wondering why I haven’t been blogging, I just haven’t.  This is normal; to just not have the motivation or the steam for good content.  Instead of forcingContinue reading “Dealing with Guilt”

Dear Radiant,

Advertisements You seemed to have quite a glow about you this month! Was there something different about you?  New hair?  New clothes?  Nah, just an overall new me! First off, you’ve been a lot more centered than usual; attribute that to your new meditation schedule that you’ve started (going on 60 days consecutively twice aContinue reading “Dear Radiant,”

Happy Anniversary Write, Live and Love

Advertisements Today, 3 years ago, I started my journey towards blogging on this very site. Since that time, I’ve been through many names, many ideas, many themes, concepts and styles. One thing that’s remained the same is this: I love writing for my followers and I love sharing my small part of the world withContinue reading “Happy Anniversary Write, Live and Love”

Two Years Blogging. 

Advertisements 403 posts. 5,597 hits. 3,432  visitors. 285 followers. To me, that’s a pretty decent stat line.


Advertisements Why do we continue to hurt those we love, when we’re aware of the pain we cause?  Is it a sick and twisted emotional imbalance?   Because who would intentionally want to inflict pain on a loved one in any form… Inspired by today’s Daily Post 

The Art of Letting Go of Hate

Advertisements I saw a quote this quote today and it sparked some interesting thought on my part: “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This quote really hit me in a way that allowed me to reflect on the last year andContinue reading “The Art of Letting Go of Hate”

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Advertisements One year ago, I began my journey into blogging seriously.  So far, I have had good moments, bad moments, and moments that have truly taken my breath away. Being that I am a very humble person, I never imagined that I would have the reception that I have had on my blog.  I figuredContinue reading “Happy Anniversary to Me!”

In a Rut 

Advertisements I hate my poetry rut…. The one where I can’t quite find the right words or make the right phrases flow like poetic gospel. UGH!  Hopefully I’ll be out of this rut soon. I would really like to perform something at the next open mic night, but if I don’t have anything that’s worthContinue reading “In a Rut “