Advertisements So, Day 11’s task is to write a personal blog post on a prompt from The Daily Post.  My prompt is called Snapshot Stories.

Day 8: Gettin’ my Comment On!

Advertisements Day 8’s task on the Blogging 101 journey was to make a comment on 4 different blog posts.  This was good for me, because I get too focused on my own blog, that I don’t take the time to give others credit, or go try to comment on other people’s blog.  I have toContinue reading “Day 8: Gettin’ my Comment On!”

The Dreaded ‘About Me’ Page

Advertisements Ok, so for day 6 on my Blogging 101 journey, I am supposed to amp up the About Me page on my blog. As exciting as that sounds, the About Me page is really one of my least favorite pages! I always read people’s About Me pages and I think, ‘man they areContinue reading “The Dreaded ‘About Me’ Page”

Attention Audience! Listen to Me! :)

Advertisements So, day 4 is the day I write to a specific audience, or write something that I would want my audience to read. So, I am going to try to catch the attention of someone, or everyone. Whichever comes first. I decided to discuss a quote today.  It’s something I usually don’t do.  IContinue reading “Attention Audience! Listen to Me! :)”

Day Two: What’s up with my Tagline and Title?

Advertisements Day 2’s activity of the Blogging101 course is creating a title and tagline.  Since I have had my blog for a couple months now, I just wanted to talk about why I chose my title and tagline and where it comes from. First, I will not give myself much credit, as the title andContinue reading “Day Two: What’s up with my Tagline and Title?”

Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World

Advertisements Well, Hello World! Even though my blog is about 3 months old, I feel the need to reintroduce myself.  I am, what I like to call a pretty average girl.  I am a wife of 3 years and a mother to a beautiful 1 year old baby girl (check previous posts for cute pics!).Continue reading “Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World”