So, Day 11’s task is to write a personal blog post on a prompt from The Daily Post.  My prompt is called Snapshot Stories.

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Day 8: Gettin’ my Comment On!

Day 8’s task on the Blogging 101 journey was to make a comment on 4 different blog posts.  This was good for me, because I get too focused on my own blog, that I don’t take the time to give others credit, or go try to comment on other people’s blog.  I have to remember there are millions of blog posts out there and I should at least once try to jump in on a couple every now and then! I think every week I will try to challenge myself to comment on at least 5 different blogs.  That makes one a day! I can do that if I put my mind to it, and I plan on exceeding that goal.  Well, without further adu, I am going to highlight the 4 posts that I took a look at today! Be sure to head to their page and show some love!

1. Sometimes Instead of Going Big, You Should Go Home by without further adu.

2.  Destress DeBunk DeFunk by Ramblinrandol

3. Small Town People and Small Town Minds by Rebellious Belle

4. Turning Point? by freshpaula

The Dreaded ‘About Me’ Page

Ok, so for day 6 on my Blogging 101 journey, I am supposed to amp up the About Me page on my blog. As exciting as that sounds, the About Me page is really one of my least favorite pages! 😦

I always read people’s About Me pages and I think, ‘man they are so awesome!’ And mine never seems to compare.  I think the hardest part is trying to tell people why I’m blogging.  I feel I never have a solid reason as to why, or it always sounds corny talking about who I am.

My most recent attempt at an About Me page is very simple, and very direct.  I managed to think long and hard about it and fit my personality into 9 words:

“Love to write. Love to live. Live to write”

I hope that this simple, yet powerful and descriptive statement will attract and interest people. Im going for the “less is more” philosophy on my About Me page so I hope it works out for me. If not, back to the drawing board! 🙂

Attention Audience! Listen to Me! :)

So, day 4 is the day I write to a specific audience, or write something that I would want my audience to read. So, I am going to try to catch the attention of someone, or everyone. Whichever comes first.

I decided to discuss a quote today.  It’s something I usually don’t do.  I usually try to pull things from my own head, and write about them.  Lately, I have been struggling with finding motivation and topics to write about.  For someone with a million thoughts in their head, and not able to put one down on paper, it really sucks. So, I figure I would write about a quote I found this morning.


I love this quote because it has taken me a long time to get to this point, and I now know what it feels to be successful.

Most people feel that being successful is all monetary and material, and that is not the case. The most important part of this quote is the part about liking yourself. I believe that a lot of success stems from self-confidence and taking pride in yourself and how you operate. The easiest thing you can do about something you don’t like about yourself is change it. If not, you have to deal with what comes with that.

Also, no one should have to go through life doing something that is not their passion, or something they are truly inrerested in. Life is nothing more than a big open opportunity, and if you see something you like to do becoming a successful part of your life, then why not jump at the chance to do so? Anything is always worth a shot.

If you have grown to a point that your life mimics the 3 main points in this quote, I think you’re on a pretty nice track.

How do you feel about this quote and what it says about success?

Day Two: What’s up with my Tagline and Title?

Day 2’s activity of the Blogging101 course is creating a title and tagline.  Since I have had my blog for a couple months now, I just wanted to talk about why I chose my title and tagline and where it comes from.

First, I will not give myself much credit, as the title and tagline of my blog are pretty generic.  It’s not as catchy as others I have seen, or as attention-grabbing, but I feel it describes me, which is what I want my blog to represent.  My title is my name, Whit C., and my tagline says “Through the Eyes of Me“.  I have always loved writing from my perspective and writing about how I feel about things on a personal level.

I feel like my tagline gives you exactly what to expect from my blog.  There will be several posts, stories, poetry, etc. and all from my point of view.  I feel like writing from my own perspective is the only way I know how to be authentic.  I want my blogging to represent myself the best way I know how.  I feel no need to sugarcoat or be cautious of one’s feelings.  A lot of my posts are 100% my opinion, so whoever does not like it, will just have to choose not to read my blog.

Being real is something I take seriously.  I would feel like I was doing the world a disservice, if I created a blog that wasn’t honest and relatable to people in my similar position.  I hope that I reach an audience that appreciates the honesty and the level of transparency I will express in my writing.  I am here strictly to give opinions and be honest.

If you have a moment, take the time out to take a look at life “through the eyes of me“.

Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World

Well, Hello World!

Even though my blog is about 3 months old, I feel the need to reintroduce myself.  I am, what I like to call a pretty average girl.  I am a wife of 3 years and a mother to a beautiful 1 year old baby girl (check previous posts for cute pics!).  I currently work in social services, and have been for a combined total of about 3 and a half years. I recently got a promotion at my current job, and I actually see myself staying in this field for a while now.  I enjoy writing (duh! Lol), working out, helping people, laughing, reading, listening to music for hours and hours at a time and just being as positive as possible.  But enough about the regular stuff, on to why I am in the blog world.

I love writing, which is something that has always been in my heart since I was in elementary school.  As I have grown older, I have written hundreds of poems.  I have recently gotten into writing short stories as well.  My current project is writing my first novel.  I have also been blogging off and on for years, but this year I told myself that I would be serious about my blogging and really make it something I cherish.  I am still in the beginning stages, and I do not profess to be the best writer in the world, but so far, I have people reading and viewing my work, so I am always grateful.

My current goals for the blog are to just continue to find the words to inspire and relate to others around me.  I love reading other people’s work, and I love when I see that someone has read mine.  I am glad to be able to share some of my personal life and experiences with the world around me.  I hope to gain my own little following and one day have someone see me walking on the sidewalk and say “Hey! I read your blog all the time.  I love Whit C.!!”