PSA: Being a Side Chick is NOT OK!

This is a post I wrote on a previous blog last year that I wanted to share with you all.  Check out my other blog profile for more posts!!

I have to ask this question….because throughout the last  2 years just about, I have been utterly perplexed at this “craze” amongst women….

What exactly are the benefits of being someone’s side chick? I have heard many reasons such as the thrill of no strings, the lack of commitment to a  particular role, getting an abundance of gifts for no particular reason at all.  Quite frankly, I feel it is a horrible role to play as a woman, and I don’t understand the joy a woman gets out of being a side chick for a man.  

Now, I am not going to sit here and be a hypocrite.  I watch Scandal and Being Mary Jane religiously.  Scandal has a lot more storylines, aside from following the obvious scandal of Ms. Pope and the President.   Beinig Mary Jane is a little different to me.  I think it focuses more on her addiction (as they have identified it in last week’s episode lol) to sleeping with this married man.  Many of us are in front of the TV on Tuesdays and Thursdays, watching Gabrielle and Kerry, play the roles of these powerful Black women, with very shady and sketchy private lives.  As much as I applaud the idea of seeing more Black women in powerful roles such as these, I still believe that the shows send a message to the “Side Chicks of America” that it is ok to prey on married men, and live the life of a side chick.

I’m here to let yall know now:  THAT IS FAKE REALITY!!  Women are not going for this whole ‘accepting the side chick’ like these wives of these men on these shows.  You will not reap these same benefits that these fictional characters have.  I understand women wanting to have a relationship, without having all the obligations of a relationship.  What I don’t understand is why a married man has to be the ideal target for this type of relationship.  I’m sure there are plenty of single men out in the world who don’t mind casually dating or having sex with no strings attached.  Why the married man is the ultimate prize for a side chick? I’ll never understand it…smh.

Side Chicks: I beg of you, please don’t try to ease in on someone’s man in 2014.  All women watch these shows.  Main chicks are taking notes just like side chicks, and they are prepped and ready to stop anything that may look like an attempt for their man to stray.


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