My Post-Baby Weight Loss Journey

So, as a new mom, I’m sure we have all been to this point: You are at home, loving on your new bundle of joy.  Then one day, you look in the mirror and you see it: the post baby flab.  That’s when you look at yourself and give yourself a deadline to jump back to your old self again, the pre-baby body. What you don’t realize, is it is DEFINITELY not as easy as it looks.

I began my weight loss journey in June.  After I had my daughter in April, most of the weight fell off, but there was still some major fluctuation with my weight.  Once I was cleared to do activities and I was able to take my little munchkin out to my mom or grandmother’s house, I began working out.  I will be honest, it has been HELL!

Weight does not fall off just as quickly as it sticks to you.  It has definitely been a struggle.  I tried certain diets, but I felt like I was starving myself.  I was definitely inconsistent with the amount of working out I was doing in a week at first.  I would do well for a week and feel like I should see a difference; and when I didn’t, I was back to my old eating habits.  I was easily giving up on myself and the journey to a healthier lifestyle, and I began to feel horrible about myself. 

I decided in December, that I would take this serious and get back into working out and eating better.  I joined my local gym, which was definitely motivation to go.  Now, with my husband, I go to the gym at least 4 to 5 times a week.  I do at minimum 40-45 minutes of cardio and anywhere between 20-30 minutes of weight training.  I try to mix up my workouts every couple of weeks or so, so that I try not to plateau. 

So far, the weight hasn’t been falling off, but I have definitely seen some results that I am proud of.  People are telling me that I look slimmer, and I have taken progress pictures every month or so (which I don’t post because I am only wearing undergarments in them).  I find that when I take pictures, which I try to take exactly the same every time, I can create a collage that can show me the last picture I took and the newest picture side by side. With the plan I have made up, I am seeing a difference.  My body is toning up and I am losing inches.  I can also feel muscles in places I didn’t feel before, lol. I am not saying that the plan I created for myself is perfect, but I call it my plan because I found out what works for me and I stuck to it. I will tell you a couple of things I use as my foundation for losing weight and getting to a healthier you:

Eating is MORE than half the battle.  If you make a conscious effort to cut out the things that aren’t so healthy, it will definitely make a difference.  For example, I love Pepsi and fried chicken.  I made a conscious effort to drop my soda intake down significantly and to slow down on the fried food.  By just cutting out those two things, I saw a difference in my body. 

You are not like the person next to you in the gym, or on the Internet.  Your journey and my journey will not yield the same exact result, even if we do the same thing.  Just because one person loses 30 pounds in a couple months, does not mean you will lose that same amount.  Every person is different, we weren’t made to look exactly the same.

Count every change as a positive.  If you constantly beat yourself up over what you didn’t do, you will lose sight of the good things you have done.  Maybe you wanted to lose 5 pounds but only lost 3.  Even though you didn’t lose that 5, if you worked out every day, ate better and had a positive attitude, you accomplished more in the grand scheme of things.

MAKE IT FUN!!  I can’t stress this enough.  If losing weight is not fun for you, it will not work.  I love lifting weights, for example.  So I do that, and it makes my trip to the gym worth it and a lot more fun.  If you like dancing, then use Zumba as your cardio.  If you like the water, try water aerobics.  If you like the outdoors, try doing your cardio outside.  If you decide to work out for 30 minutes one day, make that the most exciting 30 minutes of your day!!

I hope this helps someone going through a post-baby weight loss journey, or any type of weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey at that.  Give it your all, don’t give up and you will see your finish line in no time!!