#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: The Water Retwist

So last night, I did a quick retwist on my hair, because these COVID roots were not cute anymor, ok? It wasn’t my best work, but it got the job done and I only used two key things: water and oil.

A little glimpse at my roots (ignore the silly face lol!)

I had my gel ready, and as I started, I quickly decided that I was not in the mood to get my fingers and hands all sticky; so I ditched the gel this time and went strictly with water and oil.

I’ve only done a water retwist maybe …..two or three times on my hair in my entire lifetime of having locs, so I’m always hesitant on how it comes out or if it will hold up the next day.

Like I said, not my best retwist, but it got the job done and it’s been holding up pretty well. I’m about 4 days into it, and so far it’s doing pretty well. I think the water retwist might be an easy go to for me in the future!!