Creating Your Life Mantra

Today is the last day of #MentalHealthAwareness month and I was moved to this post I never finished. I believe the universe moves in mysterious ways and maybe today is the day and time when someone needs to hear this.

When something terrible happens to you, it eats away at you.

And suddenly, you’re a shell of yourself; and you don’t know how or what will fill the empty spaces.

You search for the answers day in and day out. Some days are better than others; while other days feel like the worst days of your life.

Then one day, you mutter something to yourself; a sentence or a catchy phrase. You say it once, and it doesn’t do anything. Yet. You brush it off like they are just words. You start saying it again the next day, and the next day, and the next. And suddenly one day, it makes you feel different. You put it up on your wall, your bathroom mirror. You embody what those words mean.

Next thing you know; there is a shift, and you smile more. The horrible things you felt about yourself tend to fall away. You take more time to actually learn who you are, and routine starts where you take care of yourself. Self-care becomes a priority. Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health become your only priority.

Life has meaning again. You have created a new life, with a new meaning. You have created a mantra for yourself.

“I am Worthy, I am Enough”

This is my life mantra. When I started saying this, I did not realize how much it would bring me peace. Something amazing happens when you build your own life mantra. Two simple sentences; six affirming words. For two years I have continued to repeat this to myself at home, during work, in the shower, when I’m crying, when I’m pissed off, when I hate everything about myself, and even when I didn’t really believe it.

I was at my lowest because my worth was buried deep within another person. My life was a set of obligations and what I thought it was supposed to be, and I failed at that. I beat myself up, tore myself down with my words; called myself things and names I wouldn’t call anyone else. I was horrible to myself because I felt like I was the problem. That I didn’t deserve anymore happiness because I messed up. Creating a mantra for myself didn’t take much; I used an affirmation I had previously made up (from a list of mantras I still have in my phone to this day), and I continued to commit it to memory. Once that part was over, I just continued to utilize it when I needed.

To be honest, I now have that mantra tattooed on my inner biceps. One sentence on each arm. It is now a permanent reminder to myself, that I am worthy of all the good that comes to me; and I am enough to be loved just as I am.

Someone is out there right now at their lowest point. Someone feels like there is nothing left worth of a life, if it feels like it does right now.

Let me tell you; if you put in the work to find yourself worthy, important, amazing; you will see the other side.

If you had to create a life mantra today to help you out of your low moments, what would it be?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bridgette says:

    This is beautiful. Mine is “you are enough.” It’s so important to remember we aren’t all the bad things we say about ourselves.


    1. Whit C. says:

      yes! We get so tied up in the negative things; that we don’t highlight the positives. We find ourselves putting ourselves down more than lifting ourselves up. And if we continue that, then how is anyone else supposed to lift us up and it feel meaningful?


  2. “I am opening myself up to…” Every time I say something different, and it works wonders for me


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