Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Giving Space to Fall Apart

I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m back with another self-care highlight!! This week, I want to talk about giving yourself space to fall apart, and how that is completely healthy and normal. I think after the year we’ve had, falling apart isn’t at all as abnormal as we’d all like to believe it really is.

As we all know, we are entering the one year anniversary of a global pandemic. Something that swept the nation and nearly swallowed a lot of us whole. Families have lost loved ones, people have gotten sick, we’ve all lived under restrictions that have limited contact with family and friends and not allowed us the luxuries of travel, social gatherings and even working our normal jobs and living our normal lives.

Some have suffered unimaginable losses during this past year; while others have managed to stay above water. But I think we all can agree that just the fear of this virus, the affects; and everything that has come with it has made everyone a little stir crazy.

During this time, I personally have not suffered like others have. I would like to consider myself a little blessed; I’ve still been able to work, I’ve not lost my home or had to drastically change my status of living too much.

While I have not suffered as much, I have had family members who have been positive. I’ve watched them endure the virus. I’ve been worried for my older family members and if they’re staying safe. I’ve had to quarantine twice due to exposure, which then makes me worry for my daughter and me exposing her. I’ve had to battle with working from home and childcare for her. I’ve even had to worry about being at work with constant increases in exposures and positive cases, and what consequences that brings in being an essential worker and being required to work everyday knowing you may be exposed or test positive.

While the battles have not been as significant as homelessness, poverty , financial struggle, sickness, death; they are still emotional and mental struggles that even the average human worries about during this pandemic, and it does take a toll on you. One may find it difficult to know it’s okay to have a moment to fall apart.

I’ll admit, I haven’t cried much about the pandemic. I have tried to be as strong as I can because, well, it hasn’t been as bad for me as others. I wake up each morning and thank God that I haven’t had COVID. I’ve been very concerned that on two occasions (possibly more with how much I’m at work) I’ve been exposed to it; however, I’ve been lucky enough to not have been positive. I take my precautions, I wash my hands and wear my mask. I do all the right things; however, sometimes, I still want to just fall completely a part because this way of life is indeed very stressful.

What I’ve learned is that in these crazy times, you need moments and opportunities to fall apart, cry, be angry, do whatever you need to do to release the intense emotions that these times bring about. No matter what’s going on in your life or how you’re coping with the climate of the world, when you need to release, you should.

Here are a few ways you can release some pent up negative emotions (please be mindful that all of these things can be done in a safe and socially distant way 😉).

  • Taking a walk
  • Crying
  • Video chats with friends
  • Speaking to a therapist
  • Pray/Meditate/Chant
  • Yoga/Exercise