The pandemic brought a lot of truth to the world about America. Mainly the fact that some things […]

Ok, so THANK YOU Issa Rae for making a show that speaks to so many other aspects of my life!

I was able to finally watch Insecure yesterday (because trying to find access to someone’s HBOGO has been a bitch) on YouTube (once again, THANK YOU).  Word to the wise, if you watch it at work, put in some headphones because this show don’t play, lol.

Recently, I had a sort of epiphany about life, and I feel like it’s going to change my quality of life in an amazing way.  I have come to realize that it is ok to tell someone you are unhappy; because happiness isn’t constant.  Once I adopted that mantra into my daily living, I have been so much more comfortable in my emotional well-being.  Knowing that I can accept the fact that I will always not have to be happy, and no one is REQUIRING me to do so, makes life so much easier.

I used to fight with myself on why I wasn’t happy everyday, and how I should and need to be because of all the good things happening in my life. Well, in my #BoutToBe30’s, I realize that I do not and will not be happy with my life all the time, and on some level, that’s cool. Walk with me while I explain: