2019 Reflections

Advertisements When I first thought of this post, I wanted to discuss all the things that I did not accomplish, that I have been kicking myself for so far this month.  Instead of harping on what I did not accomplish, I took the time to remind myself of the things I did accomplish this year.  TheseContinue reading “2019 Reflections”

Choose. Yourself. Every. Time.

Advertisements So, a lot has happened in the last 12 weeks or so, things that have made my begin a transition into a new chapter in my life that I am so excited for. It also taught me a valuable lesson about myself. So, in April, due to my own personal mental health, I tookContinue reading “Choose. Yourself. Every. Time.”

Job Mobility vs. Job Loyalty: Which Do You Choose?

Advertisements As a millennial, I know that we are regarded as an age group and a professional group that is very unpredictable when it comes to job stability.  I read an article on XoNecole that talked about some reasons why jobs look at your job hopping as an advantage as far as your increased jobContinue reading “Job Mobility vs. Job Loyalty: Which Do You Choose?”

8-5 Whit Vs. After 5 Whit: A Lesson in My Duality

Advertisements As you can see in the picture, my attempt is to show that I have two different sides of myself.  I believe a lot of us in this world live in this same reality.  First, we have the professional side.  This is the side that puts on a bright smiling face, shows up toContinue reading “8-5 Whit Vs. After 5 Whit: A Lesson in My Duality”