Time for a Hard Reset on Life! The “Four R” Method.

….And the world continues to turn…..

Essential workers are pushing forward going to work. Parents are continuing to work from home and watch their children. School has now begun for children, which has added a new and unfamiliar layer of stress and uncertainty on parents. While all this is happening, we continue to push and push and push forward. We don’t take a break because we don’t feel like we have the time.

For a while, you think you’ve got it under control. You’re going and going and before you know it, you haven’t taken a minute to rest. Humans are sort of like cell phones in that aspect; eventually, we need to be charged up so we can continue to function; and if it’s really bad, sometimes we need a hard reset altogether and just start over.

Ive looked at this “hard reset” process and categorized it into “Four R’s”; Rest, Reboot, Release and Renew. With these four categories, I’m able to take a pause, breathe and get back on track whenever I feel myself draining and falling slowly into a hole.

Step 1: Reset

Take time to center and focus on self. Meditate. Pray. Listen. Sit in silence. Take some rest days and let your body and muscles heal from the work they’ve done. Take a moment to actually breathe. Recognize your presence in your life and in this space. Take this opportunity to realize life is crazy, but with a little mindfulness, you can mentally reset be on track.

Step 2: Reboot

Rebooting to me also means refueling. After a hard reset, a reboot gives a fresh start to your mind, body and spirit. You can start a new week with more positive habits such as working out, self-care, etc. A reboot can help you get rid of any toxic or any negative energy that may have you feeling “stuck”.

Step 3: Renew

Now that you’ve Reset and Rebooted, it’s now time to LET GO! There’s no reason to do all the work in resetting your mental, emotional and physical if you don’t release and move on to putting a new foot forward.

Step 4: Renew

This one is the easiest of all four. This is a reflective step; one where you admire your new and rejuvenated self after clearing all the negative energy that you’ve brought up. You can now get ready for a new level of success and progress towards your life!

I hope that someone can benefit from this idea of how to take a hard reset on life. I hope this method can get us all back to being a better version of ourselves before we get too lost in the whirlwind!