The Conversations No One Likes to Have

Why is it so hard for people to have tough conversations?

Sure; they’re annoying, draining and sometimes exhausting. But, how do two adults go through life without having tough conversations? How can you live life and never sit down and someone be the bigger person and not address the proverbial “elephant in the room”?

I’m not the biggest fan of a tough conversation by any means, and I’m not good at having them sometimes; however, I know that certain times in life, they need to happen. They may not always end up the best way, but they need to happen. There are so many reasons why people need to have hard conversations with others, and I think sometimes that gets lost in the assumption of how “difficult” they feel.

  • They provide clarity.
  • They provide a sense of closure.
  • They held build inderstanding.
  • They sometimes provide an answer to something that you thought was totally wrong.
  • They can begin building a bridge towards forgiveness and compassion

These are just a few reasons why I see the benefits in these conversations, and I think if you learn to have these conversations the right way, everyone wins! I’m currently reading the book, Crucial Conversations, and it’s definitely teaching me a lot. When I’m finished, I’m hoping to be able to see the idea of having crucial conversations in a more positive light and be able to mirror the concept in my professional and personal life.

All in all, I hope we all one day can adapt to the idea that being a grown up and having grown up talks is not always bad, sometimes it’s just the mature way of understanding that they are needed. Not everything in life is always going to be fine, and that is ok.