Part 2: Accept Who You Are

To read the posts previous to this, please click the link for the A Journey Through Self and Part 1 posts! 🙂

In my first post, I talked about how I acknowledge currently. I feel like acknowledging an issue and actually accepting it as a reality are two very different things; two things that I really need to tackle.

I think after writing my first post and re-reading it, I was able to accept the fact that this is a part of my life. It’s not something I can pray or wish away. There are things that will help, but true treatment comes in a professional, which I intend to seek out.

I have accepted the fact that there are issues that I need to address and that they are as valid as anything else in the world. I need to address them now, because they affects how I live, how I love, how I support my family and friends, how I interact with people, how I even interact with myself. If I don’t have the courage to accept the behavior and change it, then how am I ever going to get better?

Acceptance is another big piece of learning about myself. I tend to minimize and discourage myself from doing what is absolutely best for me, which is crazy. If you cannot help yourself, there is no way you can solicit others to try and help you. Accepting who I am, flaws and all, is possibly the most difficult thing to do. You have to accept yourself in order for others to accept, support and encourage you through whatever journey you may be on.

Every day is a learning opportunity about myself. I’ve learned good things, bad things and even indifferent. I’m learning about how to accept who I am, and have it benefit how I become a better person. That is the most important part, and the part I hold close to me when times are tough.


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  1. Nice post and its relatable….


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