Self-Care Sunday: Binge a Thon!

Welcome to another edition of “Self-Care Sunday”, where I do my best to attempt to provide you wonderful people with ideas on how to bring even the smallest joys to your life as self-care. Today, I want to talk about something I find relaxing and fun: binging good television!

Sometimes, when I’ve had a long and tedious week at work, the only thing I want to sit down and do, is watch television until I go to bed. With all the new shows that are on Netflix and Hulu, there’s a lot of options to choose from. I’m sure one would wonder, “television, as self-care?” For me, I say, “Of course!”

My days and evenings are filled with intense realities. It’s hard to sometimes debrief and transition into a more relaxing environment. For me, that’s where television comes in. When I find something good to watch, it gives me something to be excited about when I get home, and something to take my mind off the job I do everyday.

Here are a few ways I get ready for binge-watching some good tv:

  • Take a day off (mental health days are real lol) or plan for my Saturday to be on the couch.
  • Keep my credit or debit card handy for food to be delivered to the house.
  • Gather up my best and favorite snacks for the occasion.
  • Put on my favorite sweatpants and hoodie.

Once I have these things in place, I’m ready to relax and spend a day laughing, crying or being in total suspense!

I’ve watched a little bit of any and everything, and although it takes a lot of screen time, I do take bathroom breaks and walk around a bit so I don’t become a zombie couch potatoe! Lol.

The important thing is, watching tv is something I enjoy and it relaxes me, which is why I consider a method of self-care when I’m in control of what makes me happy.

What about you; what’s your favorite show to binge?