…But Why NOT Me?

Don’t be alarmed, but writers are probably the most modest, and criticizing group of people I know.

Even me, 4-time published author, will sit here and criticize myself like I am the same second grade poet that would write these random pieces that meant everything but would be self-conscious that someone hates it; and that one person would be what I would hold on to.

As creatives, we always wonder, “why am I even doing this?” (If you are a creative and have never experienced this level of stress, then I have questions.) But the real question should be, “why NOT me?” Why can’t I write a best-selling novel? Why can’t someone painting in their living room make a piece that will one day live in some of the most famous museums in the world? Why can’t you be a dancer for Beyonce’ or a chart-topping artist? Why can’t you be the one to write songs that the world will sing for all eternity?

There is always an aspiration; a goal or a person to look up to. The truth is, some of our heroes are the same as us; they had someone they looked up to, someone that they wanted to emulate, and asked themselves “why not me?”

Everyone is a work in progress in some aspect of their lives. I think my project will be to stop thinking that I can’t be great at something, just because I’m not great at it now. And stop measuring “greatness” by someone else’s success. My greatness looks far different than the next persons…shoot, I’m great NOW. I’m just worker on becoming GREATER.