How to Help Your Favorite Self-Published Author

Publishing a book is hard, tireless yet rewarding work. What’s even harder, more tireless but sometime less rewarding? Self-publishing. If you’re a self-publisher, it often times means that you are a one-man/woman show. You do your own marketing, advertising, networking, publishing, etc. so you are primarily depending on your ability to market yourself and your work unless you’ve paid for someone to do that.

For me, I’ve chosen to take on most of these tasks myself, and with the constant learning of different skills around self-publishing and marketing, I hope to help grow and expand my business aspiration of having my own publishing company.

One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of people want to support you, but maybe not sure how. The assumption is that it comes from buying a book, or booking a service; but some of the easiest ways to support are often free for all involved. I will highlight a few of the ways I feel helps a self-publisher gain some headway in this field.

Share a pinned tweet/share a post: Social media is one of the biggest and most utilized tools of any creatives’ marketing venture. Most friends, family and associates are either on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. These are some of the ways that authors use to get the word out about their book. The simple click of a mouse or press of a button is not only spreading the word, but increasing that writers networking potential. And most importantly, social media is FREE PROMO!!!! So help an author out and share that Amazon page or their website link. It’s very much appreciated!

Donate to their business: Whether they have a publishing company, website, need business cards, marketing tools, or online webinars and classes, writers are always doing something that will either help them grow their business or enhance their skills to be better. Most times that takes money. Any donation big or small helps with that, so they can become better and achieve their goals.

Leave reviews on website/Amazon/Goodreads: Buying a book to show monetary support is awesome and helps out tremendously; however, another aspect that I find to be important is reviews. Leaving a review on an author’s website or amazon author page helps boost numbers and allows people to see that there is some feedback on your work. It will also motivate others to leave reviews on your work if they have read it. Just think, if you see a lot of positive reviews on something, wouldn’t you want to read it?

Shameless plugs in the right places: Although I’ve been very humble in what I’ve accomplished, what makes me happy is seeing someone shout me out or plug me to someone looking for writing advice, support or even possibly the opportunity to do some editing or reading on their behalf. It shows that my support system is confident enough in me to help me out by networking me in their circles to grow my audience.

All of these ways along with several more are excellent ways to show a little love to your fellow creative entrepreneur. When thinking about ways to support someone you know and love who is a writer, consider these options. They mean so much and go a long way in someone’s eyes!