…But Why NOT Me?

Don’t be alarmed, but writers are probably the most modest, and criticizing group of people I know. Even me, 4-time published author, will sit here and criticize myself like I am the same second grade poet that would write these random pieces that meant everything but would be self-conscious that someone hates it; and thatContinue reading “…But Why NOT Me?”

‘‘Twas the Night before NaNo….”

What are you preparing? Or, what are you finishing? What will have you gazing at a computer for endless hours in a day? What will have you in the suspect corner of a coffee shop or Barnes&Noble; headphones engaged and fingers on the home row? What goals have you set for yourself? Who’s your motivation?Continue reading “‘‘Twas the Night before NaNo….””

Nano Prep #1: WTH am I Going to Write About?

For most of you who know me, I’m sure I know the answer to this question: “Finish PWFII before we disown you.” And while I will be completing that task (in due time lol), I’m only about 5700 words shy of 50,000…not saying I am capping at that number, but typically for Nano, your goalContinue reading “Nano Prep #1: WTH am I Going to Write About?”

Nano is Approaching, This Time I Will be More Prepared

The last two Nano’s have been a complete mess. I gave up on myself within a week. The spark wasn’t there for me for a while, so I gave up before I could even get into the swing of it. This year, I will be more focused; more disciplined. I have to, because I haveContinue reading “Nano is Approaching, This Time I Will be More Prepared”

Will I do NaNoWriMo this year?

I am contemplating on NaNo this year.  I think I would like to do it, but I am not sure if I will keep up on the website like last year.  I can easily keep track of how many words I put in everyday, so not being on the website won’t be detrimental to me.Continue reading “Will I do NaNoWriMo this year?”

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