In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, what better way to support someone than to donate to their passion, their dream, their life’s work?

Not many know; but, I have my own publishing company that I have now published 3 of my 4 novels under. My dream is to one day be big enough to have authors write for my company, and publish other beginning authors as they begin their journey towards their dreams.

I went out and conquered something that went far beyond my mind could ever imagine. I went from publishing one novel to publishing two and on my way to a third. I’ve published 2 full books of poetry, and been published 3 times before. I’ve done something that many only dream about, and I would like to one day be able to make someone else’s dream come true.

By donating to Writing in Color, you will be helping to fund what one day will become a company that not only takes pride in the work, but also fully encourages and supports anyone who wants to achieve their dreams.

If you have it in your hearts, please donate (no matter how big or small), to my company. Help me make this bigger than I’d ever imagined it would be.