Remembering to Find the Calm


These last two days have been riddled with high levels of anxiety. They kind of came out of nowhere in a sense that I typically do not suffer from anxiety this high. There have just been very overwhelming feelings of worry and stress over somethings that have recently occurred between work and my personal life.

I’ve found some level of peace and calm through meditating every night. I’ve found that my meditation has helped me to be a little more calm prior to me going to bed, but I’ve tried to make it a point to take at least 20-30 minutes of guided or silent meditation to ease my anxiety and calm my mind. So far I’ve been pretty successful and had some very restful nights!

If anyone else is having rough days, I urge you to try taking a few minutes in the evening time and set yourself up with time to meditate.

Your spirit will thank you .

2 thoughts on “Remembering to Find the Calm

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    jessierenea says:

    Amen ! Sometimes you just have to take a moment to breathe and talk to God about it. great post. Thanks for sharing !!

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