Is Kylie Jenner Self-Made or Family-Made?

I’m sure we have all seen the news that Kylie Jenner has been named the youngest ever self-made billionaire , according to Forbes. Since that news has come out, social media has been ablaze with outrage at the fact that Kylie has been placed in the category of “self-made”.

Now, just for good measure, I googled the definition of “self-made” and found the following via my good friend Merriam Webster:

“made such by one’s own actions; especially, having achieved success or prominence by one’s own efforts.”

The debate begins when you question the mere facts; did Kylie become successful or prominent by her own efforts, or is the fact that she comes from wealth, and has unlimited access to the means to be successful, nullify her from this category? Is she truly self-made, or did her family make her successful just by biological association?

I was reading an article where Forbes stated why they considered Kylie for the title; stating that she built a company on her own rather than inheriting it. They even scaled her on a 7 out of 10 on the self-made scale, 10 being completely self-made. Oprah was a 10. Comparing Oprah’s story to Kylie’s, I find it shocking to agree with Kylie even being a 7.

Do I personally believe that she is completely self-made? No, I do not. I believe that if Kylie Jenner was not who she is, she possibly would not be in the ballpark of a 1-billion dollar business. But her name, her notoriety (along with her families) allows her the platform that some others do not have, and I believe 100% that her platform and her family name catapulted her to the level that she is now. Granted, her company is 100% owned by her; however, I truly don’t feel like she had to work that hard to achieve what she has now (but I’m not saying she didn’t work hard). Her parents and siblings have money, fame, social media following, etc. Their names typically stay on the tips of everyone’s tongues and there is usually something brewing in their lives on a pretty frequent basis (at least according to my trending topics).

To me, Kylie becoming a billionaire is a no-brainer; I mean, you’re apart of the Kardashion-Jenner franchise, there’s no way you can’t develop something and it not turn to gold at your fingertips. But, to say that she achieved it by her own actions? ehh, it’s a bit of a stretch to me *shrugs*. I think there were efforts and I don’t doubt that Kylie didn’t work hard for it, but I can name a few people who actually had to work from the ground up, with nothing, to achieve what they have today. Kylie Jenner just had one hell of a head start.