Project Good Vibes


This week, project that all things you imagine will come together in some way.

The path you seek to follow will open up for you.

Something this week, will set the precedent for your overall goals.

Do not focus on the things that do not work out; but focus on how those things will make you rearrange life for the positive.

Remember all things happen for a reason and what you put in the atmosphere has a way of manifesting in your life.

Be great this week!

4 thoughts on “Project Good Vibes

  1. Jon – I’m an Emerald Heart practitioner, geomancer, provider of spiritual guidance, student of the mysteries of the Divine and a lover of music, nature, coffee & football.
    Jon says:

    Thank you. I stumbled across this post just when I was in need of some positivity. Perfect timing. I will be great this week. Onwards and upwards.

  2. A Melanin Influence – This LIFESTYLE blog will showcase my thoughts & feelings about situations, events, topics etc. With all hopes to encourage, inspire and connect with others. This blog should not be taken personal by anyone and respect of opinions is always #1. So sit back, relax and enjoy the posts...
    BlvckSaditySani says:

    this is awesome

  3. Half Glass Full – I am a graduate student who is at that stage of her life where I want to explore myself! My ambitions, my dreams and my interests! All I know right now is that I am strong and positive and will surely figure out a way! If you are at the same stage in your life let me know! Because we are in this together! Let's share positive vibes together!
    Half Glass Full says:

    I totally agree with you!!

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