Self-Care Sunday: Creating Space for Yourself

One thing that I feel is necessary for self-care is creating space for yourself.

When you think about “creating space”, sometimes the first thing that comes to mind is physical space; cleaning, de-cluttering, doing basic “detoxing” of your life. Those are all good things; however, when I think of creating space for myself, I think of mental and emotional space.

I think of all the things we endure in life give us a pass that sometimes we deserve to create the necessary emotional and mental space to breathe and ensure we are secure and sound in mind, body and spirit. We tend to be very selfless and strong people, we do things for others, we go the extra mile, we work our fingers to the bone until we are left standing with nothing else to give to our creative endeavors. This has been me on several occasions, until I began to tell myself that I will start giving myself the opportunity to create space for myself.

I create space for myself to do the things that I love to do; whether it be reading, writing, meditating, spending time with my daughter, my family, my friends or even myself. I knew that in order for me to maintain my level of self-care, this was a priority and I had to make it a priority. Even as little as 15-30 minutes, I committed to giving myself small moments if even just to breathe. I found that even after those moments, I felt so much better after having a hectic day.

My self-care tip this week is to give yourself the opportunity to create space for yourself. Tell yourself that you will make it a priority to make sure you have time for yourself, just like you make it a priority for others to have your time, space and energy. The benefits will outweigh the costs every time, I guarantee it.