Learning to Forgive and Forget

Do I easily forgive or hold a grudge?

I’ll be honest; depending on what it was that made me upset in the first place, I have the tendency to hold a grudge sometimes. I am definitely one who will forgive but never forget, and I’m not proud of it sometimes.

I know that forgiveness is about letting things go and moving on. You have to be able to let go of what hurt you in order to move on to the next; however, there are times when even the most forgiving person can find that difficult. There have been things that have happened to me that have been hard to let go of; and I have held a bit of a grudge about them. One thing I’ve had to learn was that in order to move on and grow and learn from those experiences is to learn forgiveness.

Some of the strongest people I know have learned the aspect of forgiveness and learned that you can forgive but not forget; and still manage to move on with life in a positive way without having that one experience taint your relationship with a person.