Do You Stand Out, or Go With the Flow?

Do I speak up or go along with the crowd?

To be honest, it depends on the situation.  If it's something that I don't particularly agree with or something that I KNOW for a fact I will not be comfortable doing or being a part of, I simply won't do it or I will voice my opinion about it.  If it is something that I don't have a problem with and there is a general consensus about it, I don't mind going along with the crowd.  For me, the key to this is determining what it is I'm actually choosing to be a part of, and whether or not it will have a positive or negative effect on my life.

One flaw about myself is that I am such a soft-spoken person by nature, I'm not a big fan of confrontation; so if there is something I don't agree with going on, I'm more than likely just going to disengage from that situation entirely, as opposed to confronting a person initially. That is always how I have been (I believe I get this trait from my father's side of the family).

I do feel that I should be more outspoken about things (in which if it's very serious I definitely will be outspoken about it) that bother me, because how would anyone know something bothers you if you don't make it known? It's one of those things I'm working on as I approach thirty and would like to have been more confident in so that instead of me disengaging, I can be up front with someone to let them know what I do and do not agree with.

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