Self-Care Sunday: Lets Get Away…

This week’s highlight is dedicated to something I absolutely LOVE doing: Vacationing!

At some point, we all need a break; whether it be a stay-cation, a trip with a special someone, a boys/girls trip or a family vacation; everyone needs time to escape reality sometimes. That’s why taking a vacation is so important to your self-care.

Taking vacations allows you to get a couple of days away from the factors of life that are causing you the most stress. There’s nothing like getting away and clearing your mind so you can hit the “restart” button. You can get some much needed rest, you can relax and not worry about what’s going on at home for a little while and sometimes, that is the best feeling.

This summer I wasn’t able to take many vacations, which is what I like to do, but I am definitely an advocate for it and I plan on taking a few in the fall! I love going on trips and I take full advantage of them when I got. I don’t talk about work, or things that are bothering me; I just spend those precious moments laughing and having timeless fun.

This week, if you’re able, schedule yourself a vacation, or look up somewhere you’ve wanted to go and start planning a vacation. They are well-deserved and much needed! Plan a trip and focus all of your attention on having fun and forgetting about all of your troubles (at least for a couple of days).


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