Being Available for You

Advertisements How many times do we clear our calendars, shuffle and scramble to make room for others, but when it comes to our own personal availability, we do not show the same effort? With jobs, children, significant others/spouses, family, etc., it is very hard to say that you want to carve out time for yourself,Continue reading “Being Available for You”

Sometimes We All Need a Break, Even Your Kid!

Advertisements Despite what others may think, it is perfectly normal for you and your children to want some time apart from one another.  Just like any other relationship, kids get sick of their parents, and parents get sick of always being around their children.  I believe this is why we take advantage of the opportunitiesContinue reading “Sometimes We All Need a Break, Even Your Kid!”

#50Day50Questions: The Proactive Procrastinator.

Advertisements Do I get things done or do I procrastinate or even give up? I do a horrible combination of both. I can be very proactive and procrastinating sometimes.  I can look at a task and already begin to devise a plan on how I want to wait until the last minute to put itContinue reading “#50Day50Questions: The Proactive Procrastinator.”


Advertisements 6:30 My eyes pry open when I hear the annoying melody of my alarm go off. It has no remorse for what kind of night i had; whether I tossed and turned all night or not, when 6:30 comes, my clock has an obligation to get me up to start my day. Sometimes, IContinue reading “Mornings.”