#HairGoals for 2017


Just like I have goals for my life in general, I’ve been contemplating some hair goals of my own as well.  I’ve had locs since 2013 (for details on that, just peruse my #ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess hashtag) and I’ve done pretty well as far as maintaining them myself with little to no time in a salon.  I plan on continuing that; and with that comes more research on the best ways to care for my locs on my own.  

I’ve come up with a few things I want to try that I haven’t done much of before, or things that I should have been doing, but will begin to make apart of my daily/weekly/monthly routine. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Do a purge of all my old products and see what I will keep or toss
  • Do an ACV/baking soda soak every month
  • Vitamins to promote healthy hair growth
  • Learn more styles for locs
  • Create my own personal mixture of oil to keep in my hair (one that is catered specifically to my hair) 
  • Deep condition every 2 weeks 

Seems fairly simple, huh?  I know. Hopefully I can keep this up and by the end of 2017, who knows what this hair will look like 🙂 

5 thoughts on “#HairGoals for 2017

  1. Hair goals huh? Nice. I cut my locks after seven years finally. Now I just have color goals though I did color my locks a lot too.

    Hopefully you stick to it.

      1. I’ve had locks since ’09, colored it about eight or times, loved it actually and then I just decided I didn’t want it right now… lol.
        I don’t know if that sounds stupid, cuz nobody gets it, they think it’s dome big change that I’ve done and its not, I just don’t feel like locks anymore….

        My last post explains it a bit better I think..lol

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