2017 Weekly Recap: Essay #1, The Intro

So, I stumbled upon a challenge that I decided to try, in an effort to keep my love for writing alive and continue to improve on it at least on a weekly basis.  The challenge is called #52essays2017, which means I will be writing an essay a week about myself and all of the fun things that happen (or the fun things that don’t happen, because I can get really boring sometimes).  Let’s consider it an overall recap of the week, which should prove to be interesting; and given this last week was quite an interesting one, I have a lot to say.

So, let’s get to it….

Well, 2017 is here.  I won’t speak much about it, because I have already done two posts in relation to my 2017 goals and my overall feelings towards how 2016 went for me (click here for that post).  I will say, that I stopped doing this whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing a long time ago, mainly because I don’t ever follow them, and they were always your generalized cookie-cutter goals.

“Oh, i’m going to go to the gym everyday.”
“I’m going to stop drinking soda.”
“I’m going to be a new and better person.”

Stop it.

This is what my “goals” looked like most of the time.  All three of those are lies.  I am not going to go to the gym everyday, because life happens and I cannot always be in the gym every day.  Instead, I gave myself a goal that I would make better choices and make working out a part of my lifestyle; which now, it is.  I don’t have to make a resolution about going to the gym, because it’s been a part of my daily routine since 2013 when I joined my gym.  I also used to always say I would stop drinking Pepsi; and the lie detector test determined that was a lie.  I love Pepsi, plain and simple.  For me to make some lofty goal that a cold Pepsi will never cause me to part my lips and bask in its delicious ambiance is insane.  Instead, my new goal is to not drink soda in excess.  Drink more water and treat soda like a treat, instead of my primary source of “hydration”.  This was my goal since last year, and I have managed to cut myself down to about 3 a week, where previously I could probably put back 3 a day and never see a drop of water.

Yes people, my life was in shambles with this caffeine intake.

Now, about this “new and better person” business…ehh, yea I let that go too.  Why?  Because I don’t have a problem with who I am.  I am a pretty good person if I do say so myself.  People have never said anything about me having a bad personality or needing to change how I talk or treat people, so what am I changing?  I don’t say that to be cocky or arrogant, because I am not a perfect human by any means.  I say that because I had come to a point in my life where I was struggling to figure out why I needed to change; and I finally figured that I didn’t need to change.  Granted, there are a few things that I need to work on within myself, mainly regarding self-care, my own personal growth and inner confidence; however, the way I treat people has and always will be with respect and dignity and love, because that’s always been who I am.  So, last year, this goal was to be happier with myself, and see myself the way others see me.

This year is going to be a great year for me.  My daughter turns 3 years old, I will have maintained a 5-year marriage in September, and #Turnt30 is this year as well (yes, that is my hashtag and I am not changing it).  I would like to purchase my first home this year, which means I will more than likely be moving this year as well; which will be a HUGE shift for me.

My main goal this year, is to push myself further than I ever have before.  I want to write more, make myself more known in whatever way I can (which will be a challenge because I am the shy and timid girl you would see standing in a corner begging not to be called on).  I want to smash more goals and put myself in a position to be an entrepreneur  so that I can finally love working instead of working as a means of financial stability.  I want to move towards losing this meaningless debt I have in my life, and Lord willing, cut myself down to one measly soul-sucking credit card for emergencies only (LOL, my Victoria’s Secret card has to stay tho #ForeverAngelStatus).

So, this is me and my horrible attempt at an essay (please don’t throw tomatoes at the screen).  I feel like this is completely random and a poor excuse for an essay, but hopefully it is a start to improving and growing.  At least I can say I gave you a little peak into my life and how my mind works.

Maybe I will find that I’m not so boring after all, and I hope you all enjoy reading about my life one week at a time.

-Whit C.