Don’t Put Others Down When They Need You Most

A quick PSA that has been on my heart:

Sometimes, people need a small village of loved ones who they lean on for support, guidance and love.  It’s not a bad thing to want to have someone you can truly vent to; someone who doesn’t judge, doesn’t make assumptions or opinions; and someone who doesn’t minimize your feelings.

Everyone has feelings about something, no matter how small or large.  We as good human people need to acknowledge that, and not “kick a person while they’re down”, so to speak.  I have gotten into the habit of being particularly careful with who I share my innermost thoughts with, if I do at all.  I have experienced feelings of embarrassment when I feel my feelings have been minimized, or looked at as not being a “big deal.”  Even the slightest gesture or change in facial expression can cause someone to isolate themselves and internalize their troubles, in fear that no one will have the empathy to even listen to you without judgement.

Always remember that everyone’s troubles are not the same as yours or someone else’s.  What may be small to you, could be detrimental to another person; so be considerate of that person’s feelings and help encourage them and validate their issues. Let them know that they are supported and loved and you are there for them whenever you need them.