COVID- 19: The Struggle is Real and I Don’t Know How to Feel

Advertisements *Sigh….* I need to vent for a minute. Despite my joy and excitement for being a recluse in our current climate, I have to say, that this pandemic is effecting me a little more than I thought it would. I’m filled with more frustration than anything. Lack of answers, lack of understanding of someContinue reading “COVID- 19: The Struggle is Real and I Don’t Know How to Feel”

Sometimes you Will Suffer Alone

Advertisements My first time watching Iyanla Fix My Life was on 5/20 (yea yea I know), when she attempted to fix the lives of a mother and her six children.  For the sake of spoilers, I won’t go into a long detailed account of everything I saw, but I will say that they had aContinue reading “Sometimes you Will Suffer Alone”

Chill Out; We Still Care About That, Too. 

Advertisements I saw a post that really bothered me the other day; and truth be told, it bothers me on a frequent level (about as frequent as I see it). Everyone who’s not living under a rock or in denial knows that the world is in shambles, and between living in the era of #Cheeto45,Continue reading “Chill Out; We Still Care About That, Too. “


Advertisements Well, this week’s essay definitely  won’t be as good as others.  It won’t be my best work.  It will be short, and it probably won’t make a lick of sense; which is why I decided to name it “Ramblings”.  With everything going on, I didn’t really have time to separate my thoughts and chooseContinue reading “Ramblings.”

Don’t Put Others Down When They Need You Most

Advertisements A quick PSA that has been on my heart: Sometimes, people need a small village of loved ones who they lean on for support, guidance and love.  It’s not a bad thing to want to have someone you can truly vent to; someone who doesn’t judge, doesn’t make assumptions or opinions; and someone whoContinue reading “Don’t Put Others Down When They Need You Most”

A Not So Good Day…

Advertisements Have you ever just had a bad day? Or a bad week?  To the point where you would rather just curl up in a ball and cry the entire day away? I woke up in a pretty bad mood this morning.  I didn’t sleep very well, which started with me going to sleep veryContinue reading “A Not So Good Day…”