My Personal Words to Live by….

Everyone has something they look to as far as their motivational word to get through life.  Some people have something they say or do daily, that preps them for the day ahead.  As I have continued to grow and mature into my new phase of life, I have developed a slightly better spiritual connection with God.  I am by no means perfect, as I am still growing daily, but I realized that through Him, I need not worry about anything.

“Prayer and Patience”.

These two words, are something that I continue to remember everyday.  These are the two things I tend to struggle with also.  When I was younger, I was your typical ill-pray-when-I-need-something person.  When I needed to pass a test, “God please help me pass this test”; when I wanted to get something “God please give me the money to get this….”.  Once the dream was fulfilled, there was a praise of “Thank you Jesus!”  I began to grow up and realize that praying to God only when YOU felt like it was convenient, is not going to keep you blessed.  Daily prayer is what is needed.  I am still learning, but I try to pray at least once a day.  Whether it be in the morning, afternoon, night; I try to talk to God at least once a day.  It is a small task, and I probably should have more conversations with him, but remember: Growth.

I am also an impatient soul.  I never thought I was, but I am, and I want things to come on my time.  Now, you can already tell what is wrong with that picture; things don’t happen on your time, they happen on God’s time.  So now, instead of praying for something to happen right now, I pray for God to grant me my heart’s desires, when the time is right.  If you want a new car, but know you can’t make monthly payments, God is not going to give you that car.  But if you get a promotion on your job, and are bringing in more money, that is God allowing you to be able to afford a new car; but as you can see, it was when the time was right.  Timing is key is God’s work.  I have seen it happen in my own life countless times.  I have no reason but to say I believe.

Sometimes the cards dealt in life are not always the greatest. I personally have my good days, bad days and even worst days. There are days when I feel like nothing ever goes right, or things just aren’t happening the way they should. Through everything I try to remember my little saying “Prayer and Patience” and it helps get me through the day. I try to be as optimistic as possible, but even an optimist can have a pessimistic day sometimes lol. But whenever you are feeling like things just can’t possibly get any better, try chanting your own little personal mantra. I’m hoping it will change everything for the better!