“Today I Affirm”: 7 Daily Affirmations

I completed a challenge recently over the past seven days that I found on alex_elle's Instagram page.  The challenge was to create one affirmation per day using three words given on each day.  The challenge began on 7/17 and ended on 7/24. I successfully completed the challenge and after creating my final affirmation I felt truly empowered by what I was able to accomplish.  I wanted to share with you all the 7 affirmations I created over the last week, and how they have resonated with me in this particular point in my life.  Each one is significant, as it identifies with something that I was dealing with in that specific day, and somehow, I was able to abide by my affirmation and see it all the way through to the end.

As I reflect over the past seven days and go back through the affirmations I created for myself, I have to give myself credit for finding the right words to put together despite the week I had.  It was not one of my best weeks, and I had to admit that I found it to be a challenge taking on the task of creating positive affirmations during a week where I found myself not finding many things going positively at all.  Looking back, I can see the strength in my words, and can feel the resiliency in what I typed out as I dug deep within myself to find whatever was left within my spirit to hold on to some level of positivity.

Below is a list by date of my seven daily affirmations:

"Today I affirm…"

7/17: that I will allow love to prevail in all things, despite the trials I may face throughout the day.

7/18: that what hurts me will not discourage my healing or prevent me from moving forward with my goals.

7/19: that joy will be abundant far beyond the circumstance of life.

7/20: that a failure along the way will not stop me from the ability to enjoy my journey.

7/21: that I will adopt the courage and the patience to hit "restart" if life begins to overwhelm me.

7/22: that my life will not be of any others to own and I will find truth in understanding God's plan for my life.

7/23: that I will not look at the shift in my life as difficult. I will embrace the change, I will become better, stronger and wiser for it; because I know it will all be beneficial for my well-being.

7/24: I will destroy negative thoughts. I will be intentional in my positive thinking and understand that the opportunities put in front of me are mine to manipulate to benefit me!


My Personal Words to Live by….

Everyone has something they look to as far as their motivational word to get through life.  Some people have something they say or do daily, that preps them for the day ahead.  As I have continued to grow and mature into my new phase of life, I have developed a slightly better spiritual connection with God.  I am by no means perfect, as I am still growing daily, but I realized that through Him, I need not worry about anything.

“Prayer and Patience”.

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The Art of Letting Go of Hate

I saw a quote this quote today and it sparked some interesting thought on my part:

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This quote really hit me in a way that allowed me to reflect on the last year and some of the personal aspects of my life I have decided to let go.  One of them being parts of my family.

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