Surrounded by Characters

Love this post! I’m definitely a people watcher myself! šŸ™‚

The Writer's Journal

A few weeks ago, my family and I went to one of those splash places.Ā  I donā€™t need to name names, but the kind with slides, a lazy river, and other indoor water activities.Ā  After my energy wore away, I sat down and watched my children romp around and eventually I watched other people.Ā  This is what people in the Midwest call people watching.Ā  Now let me make sure we are clear what I mean here. Ā I donā€™t mean being the fashion police or passing judgement in any way. I mean observing. Carefully.

Sometimes people will catch my eye because they remind me of someone in a book that is presently percolating in my brain.Ā  Other times, something about how they move makes me think of specific emotions and I contemplate how I would show that emotion or movement with words.Ā  Maybe they have an interesting physical feature thatā€¦

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