The Reveal

The recent publishing of my first novel, Playing with Fire (which is still available for purchase, click the link!) has sparked a fire in me that I have never had for my writing.  Because of that, I have begun pulling together some of my favorite pieces for a poetry book (who’s title I am not ready to release at this time, lol.)

I feel like the poetry book is more important to me, because it is by far the rawest material I have ever written.  My poetry is my purest form of self, and for the longest time, I never wanted to expose that to the world; because I knew that once I opened that door, it would be like opening my personal diary and giving everyone access to the pages and pages of my emotions.

I want this to be one of the best things I write.  I want people to identify with the complexities of the poems, be able to say that they can relate to what my poems say.  I always believe that there is someone; at least one person, out in this world who has felt one way or another about love, and I want to share with them that I have been there as well…and that is what you will get from this project.




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