The Holidays Couldn’t Have Been Better

Christmas was pretty awesome this year. One of the reasons for my exciting holiday weekend was my best friend coming to town. Although I had just seen her in October, it felt great to convince her to spend her holiday with me, rather than at home. Her birthday was also after Christmas, so it gave us all the more reason to hang out! I must admit it was the best fun I’d had in a long time. Having her here hanging with me was the perfect way to bring my year to a close.

Starbucks run with my best friend 🙂

My 2 favorite little kids also had a pretty great Christmas as well! I enjoyed watching them play with all of their toys.  My mom even bought them their first tricycle!  They are super cute!  They are still a little short for them, but I feel like they will be able to ride them in no time.  Next up will be some cool helmets for them!


The babies taking their bikes for a test ride!


I must say that 2015 was a pretty great year. This Christmas holiday didn’t quite feel the same to me as previous years (not sure if it was the hot weather or what).  Having my best friend come down to visit and seeing my daughter and nephew have so much fun on Christmas really made me feel good. I hope every Christmas is this wonderful!